Eleven Seconds Before He Committed Suicide

“Eleven Seconds Before He Committed Suicide”. Auratic painting by Eko Budhi Purwanto.

The artwork is entitled: “Eleven Seconds Before He Committed Suicide”. Done with digital ink block technique by Eko Budhi Purwanto.
Pale colour arrangement, with a predominance of brown colour depicts a high depression. The colour stands out on the eyelids, with dark welts on the lips, making this painting so heart-wrenching.
In 2020, suicide is one of the nine leading causes of death in humans with an age range of 10-64 years in the world. In fact, the main cause of death that occurs in humans aged 10-14 years in the world is suicide. Suicide is generally caused by depression due to a decrease in the quality of mental health. Other possible causes are family problems, economics, and sexual harassment.
The good news is that more than 90% of people who attempt suicide and survive, never die by suicide.

Not for sale.
Private collection.

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