Kyai. Auratic painting by Eko Budhi Purwanto.

Auratic artwork entitled: “Kyai”. Creator: Eko Budhi Purwanto.

This artwork was done using the digital ink block technique. Painting colours are dominated by median colours. The soft colours give an idea of ​​the coolness of a Kyai.

Kyai is a person who has religious knowledge (Islam) plus charity and morals in accordance with his knowledge. Kyai is the central figure in an Islamic boarding school, the progress of the boarding school is determined by the authority and the charisma of the kyai. Therefore, it is not uncommon, when the kyai in one of the Islamic boarding schools dies, the prestige of the boarding school declines because the kyai who replaces him is not as popular as the previous kyai.

Among Muslims in Indonesia, kyai are people who know the power and majesty of Allah SWT so that they are afraid to commit immoral acts. Kyai are people who think about and live up to the amazing verses of Allah so that they can achieve true ma`rifatullah.

Not for sale.

Private collection.

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