Enjoy. Auratic painting by Eko Budhi Purwanto

Auratic artwork entitled: “Enjoy”.
Creator : Eko Budhi Purwanto.
Auratic painting is an artistic entity that has its own rules and arguments that make these works of art so unique and characteristic. Digital artwork as an auratic painting by Eko Budhi Purwanto is actually a model of art that functions more as a psychotherapy tool as well as a masterpiece of art that can be enjoyed. Eko Budhi Purwanto, who has a background in psychology, is a digital diaspora artist who works as a psychologist in the world of mental health. Eko is the founder of the Indonesian Grahita Institute which is very active in providing psychological assistance services in several regions in Indonesia. This article attempts to analyse and explain the aesthetic aspects in terms of understanding the art of psychotherapy (art-therapy), which of course departs from the principles of digital art (digital art).
Overall, the depiction of the enjoying atmosphere in this painting is completed in a digital ink block style in a semi-naturalist style. The back which is the background of the main painting is light-violet, which is not too crowded with representative visual elements, except for the light blue colour at the bottom of the painting which emphasizes the delicious atmosphere that was uploaded perfectly. At the top and bottom are intentionally left blank without using a colour shading arrangement to let the original colour tone which is distinctive yellowish.
Enjoying something is the most important part of implementing a human lifestyle. Humans must be able to clever themselves to easily enjoy the various atmospheres that come to him in everyday life.

Not for sale
Owner of property rights:
Grahita Indonesia Inc.

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