Selfie. Auratic painting by Eko Budhi Purwanto

Digital artwork entitled: “Selfie”.
Creator: Eko Budhi Purwanto.
Digital art work created using the sharp ink colour block technique. The blue colour in this painting conveys a personal feeling that likes to help, is caring, spiritual, full of understanding, and has a steadfast personality. The colours being the background colours of the main painting, the blue blotches emphasize a sign of a strong mind, very insightful and marks the energy that governs expression and truth. There are several colours of the Rainbow, which emphasize the times that are in the midst of change.
Rainbow colours lead to a more energetic and confident state.
Selfie or narcissistic photo is a type of photo by means of a self-portrait taken by yourself using a digital camera or smartphone. Narcissistic photos are often associated with narcissism, especially in social networks. Selfies or selfies are a familiar phenomenon for many people. Taking selfies when visiting interesting places or when gathering with friends is one of the mandatory activities. In addition, this phenomenon also gives rise to a new style of taking pictures. Some of them have become a trend and are imitated by many people.
The phenomenon of taking selfies is no longer a new thing, especially among social network users. This selfie photo action is also getting more and more popular along with the presence of various smartphone products with increasingly sophisticated camera quality.
Various styles of selfie are scattered on every social media account. Not infrequently certain styles even become a trend among citizens. Starting from styles that still look natural to styles that tend to be strange and invite question marks.

For sale.

Price :
400 Euros.

Property rights:
Grahita Indonesia Inc.

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