Woman in Feel

Woman in Feel, created by Eko Budhi Purwanto

Auratic painting entitled: “Woman in Feel”.
Created with digital ink block technique by: Eko Budhi Purwanto.
The arrangement of coral color blocks dominates throughout this artwork. Light colours with bright shades of lighting, upload feelings of desire that are so deep in incubating hopes in the struggle to find something you dream of.
When a woman is feeling something, the power of her will becomes so extraordinary, and cannot be blocked by anyone. He will chase whoever he loves for the sake of his feelings.
When a woman is happy, she will find it easier to express her happiness with a big smile, a hug or a radiant face.
When women are feeling sad, crying can be a way to express their sadness.
Women are always able to understand and understand the situation. Women are easier to recognize and empathize with other people’s emotional states. Women will be more sensitive and feel the discomfort that occurs around them.

For sale.
12000,00 Euros.

Property rights:
Indohutty LLC.

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