Istana Merdeka

Istana Merdeka

Auratic painting, designed with ink technology
digital block entitled : “IStana Merdeka”.
Creator : Eko Budhi Purwanto.
The white color dominates the shading of the blocks in each building.
Green color on the front side with a blue background,
provide artistic balance encourage social sense
high for the audience.

Merdeka Palace is a place
official residence and office of the President of Indonesia.
Originally this palace was used as an official residence
Governor General of the Dutch East Indies until the occupation
Japanese in Indonesia.
The State Palace also serves as a center of activity
state government, the palace becomes the place of administration
events of a state nature, such as inauguration
high state officials, opening deliberation and
national working meeting, opening of congress is national
and international, and state banquets.
This palace function is more focused on official activities
the presidency, namely as the office of the President of the Republic
Merdeka Palace is always remembered because it is known as a place
the official residence of the President, and because of his role as
center for state ceremonies. But besides that
Merdeka Palace seems to have a more special place
in the hearts of the Indonesian people because the name is Merdeka.
This name is not just a name, but has a symbol
history of the victory of the nation’s struggle. But it’s also background
back to a historical event that marked
the end of colonialism in Indonesia itself which
full sovereignty in the palace.

For sale.
Price :
1000 Euros

Last property owner:
Grahita Indonesia Inc.

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