Becak in Yogyakarta City


Auratic artwork, drawn with digital ink block technique, entitled: “Becak in Yogyakarta City”.
Creator: Eko Budhi Purwanto.
Several color combinations, which are dominated by a combination of cream and yellow on the background of this painting, point to the balance of nature. Flashy colors on the vehicle show the essence of joy and struggle, as well as submission to the situation.
Becak, a three-wheeled mode of transportation. One wheel at the back and a pair of wheels at the front. Walking by pedaling like a bicycle and the passengers can be two people sitting in front. At that time, becaks were dominant as transportation for mothers who went shopping. However, in tourist cities such as Jogjakarta or Yogyakarta or just Jogja or other names, pedicabs are exotic vehicles that can be a comfortable and inexpensive option for visitors to the city of Yogyakarta.
The Covid-19 pandemic has left rickshaw drivers deprived of income. On the other hand they have to support their children and wives. Save the becak from extinction.

For sale.
1000 Euros.

Last property rights:
Grahita Indonesia Inc.

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