Jamu Gendong


Auratic Painting Artwork Drawn manually without special software, using a digital ink block technique entitled: “Jamu Gendong”.

Creator : Eko Budhi Purwanto.

There are detailed motifs in this artwork. Many lines dominate with the dominant yellow color.

“Jamu Gendong” is herbal medicine produced by households (home industry). This herbal medicine is sold in a bottle. Then, the bottles are neatly arranged in a basket. After that, the herbalist will bring a basket filled with herbs when selling. That is why, this herbal medicine is known as “Jamu Gendong”

Usually the herbal medicine sellers take their wares for a walk every day. Most of the carriers of herbal medicine sellers are women. Because, in the past, male workers were more needed in the agricultural sector.

The thing that makes the nature of this herbal medicine interesting is the way to carry the merchandise, which is carried using batik cloth, jarik, and so on. This is the hallmark of Javanese women from the past, even now. Not only herbal medicine, other merchandise such as pecel, nasi liwet, and also various snacks are also often sold by being carried.

“Gendong” in Indonesian means to carry with him on his back with a cloth. “Gendong” has its own meaning and significance. Carrying is synonymous with mothers who take care of small children. So, Javanese women carry their merchandise (sustenance) like carrying a small child, which must be done gently and with difficulty.

For sale.
Price :
1000 Euro

Last property rights:
Grahita Indonesia Inc.

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